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Custom Yoga Mat

Harmonize your practice
with a Custom Designed yoga mat that is uniquely yours!

Custom Yoga Mat: Hand Painted Cork Yoga Mat

Custom Yoga Mat: Hand Painted Cork Yoga Mat

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Practice in a sacred space that is uniquely harmonized to YOU. Create a personal experience like no other!

Looking for something totally unique to you, your practice and your yoga journey? Look no further! This is the ultimate experiential yoga mat. We will work closely with you to bring your concept to fruition and create a yoga mat that will inspire your practice, spark imagination and open connection to the higher self.

GET INSPIRED! View our full gallery portfolio here.


+ Includes Carry Strap
+ Great for all types and levels of yoga
+ Best for Hot/Sweaty Yoga
+ Performance Enhancing
+ Extra Wide + Extra Long
+ Soft Cork Top
+ Cork acts like a Hot Yoga Towel
+ Dampness increases grip
+ Responsive grip to floor + skin, keeps you rooted
+ 100% Natural Rubber Backing
+ 100% Cork Top Layer
+ Lays flat when unrolled
+ No Bunching
+ Dense cushion
+ Firm + comfortable stability
+ Joint Support
+ Reversible
+ Grounding Materials
+ Eco friendly + non toxic!*
+ Biodegradable
+ Sustainably Made
+ Never Slides
+ Durable

*(Free From: Phthalates, heavy metals, silicones, toxic glue, PVC, and Chlorine.)

Please Note: Made with Natural Tree Rubber (CONTAINS LATEX)


+ Hand Painted work of Art
+ 1/4" thickness
+ 73"L x 26"W
+ Durability: Your ilāSTRATE™ yoga mat will last 1-5+ years depending on use and care*

* Please refer to our FAQ page for more information.

Production + Shipping

CUSTOMIZED DESIGN: 2-4 weeks to customize an existing product

100% UNIQUE CUSTOM DESIGN: 4-6 weeks design and production for custom design.

Care Instructions

Use water or a 4:1 water:vinegar solution. You may add small amounts of Essential oils if desired for cork mats only (note Essential Oils may make mats slightly slick, use sparingly).

NEVER USE abrasive, sudsing, or bleaching agents or cleaners on any of our products, as they are natural materials that will experience damage and degradation.

Do not leave your mat in the sun for extended periods of time especially when wet (this could degrade the color and grip).

Mats should be rolled face out.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
jennifer smith
Hawk Yoga Mat

Lauryn is so talented and created a special Yoga mat for me. It is beautiful and I am going to enjoy each and every yoga practice on my beautiful hawk yoga mat. Lauryn is also a good communicator and the process was seamless. .


Without a doubt, one of the most beautiful gifts I’ve ever received! Through this process I’ve come to know Lauren as a brilliant artist, a sensitive listener, a terrific collaborator, and a deeply loving person. I had an incredibly specific vision, despite not being able to see or articulate it. On impulse, I purchased a custom mat and sent a vulnerable, and largely incoherent, rambling email describing what I was trying to capture. Lauren heard what I could not vocalize. Over several weeks, Lauren emailed multiple sketches and color mock ups, intelligently and coherently incorporated my feedback, and ultimately painted a masterpiece that captured my forty-year journey through toxic masculinity and deep surrender. The result was a soaring expression of the Divine Masculine in worship of the Divine Feminine. Every time I step on my mat I experience sincere self-love, renewed courage and a profound sense of gratitude. “Our world is an eloquent expression of our belief” and my world is a more authentic expression of my tenderness thanks to Lauren’s generous spirit. Please, please, please treat yourself… All my love!

Jaclyn Losquadro
5 Stars!

Custom - Hand Painted Cork Yoga Mat