ilāSTRATE™ Yoga Mat Design Co. was born of the belief that art strongly influences our psychological well being. We are generally not aware of this connection.

Art, the great communicator, touches our spirit and influences our emotions, inspiring thought, sparking our imagination and motivating us into action. The ability to think creatively and use our imagination diminishes with age or may be taken for granted.

At iláStrate™, we believe that imagination is the KEY to unlocking true connection to the higher self, accessing source intelligence and awakening the soul. Surrounding ourselves with inspiration and creativity keeps the imagination alive and inspires action, allowing us to flow in sync with our true soul purpose.Utilizing art as a tool to enhance yoga, meditation and mindfulness practice as a lifestyle, we embody our full mind-body-spirit potentiality.

OUR MISSION: Inspire movement to self realization through creative expression.


Lauren Vacey | Founder + President

Meet Lauren Vacey, the visionary founder and artist of ilāSTRATE™ Yoga Mat Design Co., blending 15 years of commercial art experience with a passion for wellness, science, and spirituality. Having navigated a diverse career, from art consulting in the healthcare industry to automotive airbrush artistry, Lauren discovered the profound impact art has on well-being. Beyond aesthetics, she realized art holds the key to our subconscious, influencing mood and mindset.

Motivated by her own health journey, a newfound connection to yoga and meditation, and firsthand insights into the healthcare system, Lauren explored alternative health and healing solutions. On a quest for positive change combined with her expertise in fine arts, graphic design, and printing, she discovered the transformative link between art and inner healing.

Lauren sees art as a spiritual catalyst, fostering healing on a profound soul level. By bringing her beliefs to life, she crafted artistically designed yoga products, giving rise to the embodiment of her vision―ilāSTRATE™ Yoga Mat Design Co.

As a native New Yorker, wife, and homeschooling mother of three, Lauren finds solace on the Eastern North Fork of Long Island, where her love for the beach and all things natural inspires her artistry.

Behind the Designs

Each art collection has been meticulously curated and designed with a profound understanding of the interconnectedness of body, mind, and soul. Through carefully chosen colors, patterns, and motifs, these collections aim to resonate with the subtle energies within the body, enhancing the alignment and flow of asanas.


    The "Energy" yoga mat collection enhances your practice by aligning your body, mind, and soul with natural energy flow, reminding us that yoga goes beyond physical postures, serving as a conduit to amplify inner energy.


    Introducing the "Free Spirit" yoga mat collection, a vibrant celebration of
    individuality and self-expression. These mats showcase artistic designs that inspire a sense of adventure and inner exploration during your practice.


    The "Inspiration" yoga mat collection boasts captivating designs that
    infuse your practice with creativity and positivity. These mats serve as visual reminders of the beauty within every yoga journey, transforming your space into a sanctuary of inspiration and possibility.

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