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A collection of creative yoga products to support yoga practice and lifestyle. Our accessories include 100% natural props and accessories like cork yoga blocks, cork massage balls, 100% cotton/jute yoga bags to fit all your needs, meditation jewelry, and copper water chargers to bring your practice with you through the day.

Cork Yoga Ball for Massage

Cork Yoga Ball for Massage

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Self massaging tools that can be used in your yoga practice. Designed to release tension in any muscle and fascia in the body. Use by yourself or with a partner.

Our cork massage balls are solid cork all the way through, making them hard enough to reach into deep tissue, yet yielding enough for the right amount of pressure. R

Roll around the desired muscle using your hand, laying on it over the ground, or against a wall. Use the small size for smaller areas like neck muscles, wrists, face, hands and feet. Use the larger ball for legs, lumbar/cervical back, qlutes, hamstrings and quads Use both sizes in multiple areas to target different size muscle groups, spasms and knots.


+ Firm
+ Myofascial Massage
+ Use for Lymphatic Massage
+ Use for Gua Sha
+ Lightweight
+ Engraved with logo
+ non-toxic
+ Vegan
+ Sustainable material
+ Eco-conscious
+ Durable
+ Natural
+ Biodegradable


2.5” diameter (small)
3.5" diameter (large)
100% Solid Cork

Production + Shipping

Ready to ship. 1-3 days order processing time.

Care Instructions

"Care instructions:

Wipe with water or a 1:4 water/vinegar solution.

NEVER USE abrasive, sudsing, or bleaching agents or cleaners on any of our products, as they are natural materials they will experience damage and degradation.

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