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Inspiration Collection

Introducing the "Free Spirit" yoga mat collection, a vibrant celebration of individuality and self-expression. These mats showcase artistic designs that inspire a sense of adventure and inner exploration during your practice.

Celestial Pro Mat

Celestial Pro Mat

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Representing the balance of life, Celestial features the sun and moon as a symbol of yin and yang, light and dark, feminine and masculine. I wanted to emphasize the brightness that we experience when our life is in balance, when the sun and moon are aligned, there is harmony.

+ Find Inner Peace
+ Connect to Cosmic Energy


+ Includes Carry Strap
+ Great for all types and levels of yoga
+ Performance Enhancing
+ Extra Wide + Extra Long
+ Bandha Grip Top Layer♦
+ Superior grip to floor + skin, keeps you rooted
+ 100% Natural Rubber Backing
+ Lays Flat when unrolled
+ No Bunching
+ Dense Cushion
+ Firm + Comfortable Stability
+ Joint Support
+ Reversible
+ Eco friendly + non toxic!*
+ Biodegradable
+ Sustainably Made
+ Never Slides
+ Durable

♦Bandha Grip: an anti-slip topper so soft + supple it creates a locked grip for enhanced professional practice

*(Free From: Phthalates, heavy metals, silicones, toxic glue, PVC, and Chlorine)
Please Note: Made with Natural Tree Rubber (CONTAINS LATEX)


+ Proprietary Laser Engraved Design
+ 1/4" thickness
+ 73"L x 27"W
+ Durability: Your ilāSTRATE™ yoga mat will last 1-5+ years depending on use and care*

* Please refer to our FAQ page for more information.

Production + Shipping

1-3 days order processing time.

Care Instructions

Use only a soft cloth dampened with water. Periodically clean with 4:1 water:vinegar Solution on dampened cloth. Do not over clean or use too much vinegar. Surface can become damaged and experience premature degradation. To keep your mat in optimal performance, please follow these guidelines.

NEVER USE abrasive, sudsing, or bleaching agents or cleaners on any of our products, as they are natural materials that will experience damage and degradation.

Do not leave your mat in the sun for extended periods of time especially when wet (this could degrade the color and grip).

Mats should be rolled face out.

To regenerate Pro Mat Surface: You may use a small amount of unscented castile soap (2 drops/1 cup of water) on a dampened cloth, wiping in 1 direction- periodically for a deeper clean. Followed by 5-10 consecutive uses with a dampened surface and wipe-down with only water. Allow to airdry (not in the sun) before rolling.

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