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Yoga Mats with Alignment Lines: are they good for your practice?

Yoga Mats with Alignment Lines

When it comes to yoga mats with alignment lines, the available options are endless. But, are alignment lines good for your practice?

Alignment lines are a great tool for beginners to learn good form, placement and pose alignment in standing poses.

However, at iláSTRATE™ Yoga Mat Design Co., we feel alignment lines on yoga mats quickly become a distraction from the mindful practice of yoga.

Here's why:

  1. During yoga practice you are constantly looking down to check your alignment, instead of focusing on how the pose feels
  2. You're missing out on the meditation part of your practice
  3. If your sole focus is on alignment, you cannot enjoy mindfulness
  4. Prevents from developing intuitive alignment
  5. Prevents from developing spacial awareness
  6. Disrupts the key benefit of yoga: developing self trust, awareness + confidence in your inner voice.
  7. Does not support building a mind-body intuitive connection.

For those who are beginning a yoga practice and are self conscious of their alignment, instead of alignment lines, we recommend a yoga mat with a symmetrical design.

Choosing Art + Geometry over distracting alignment lines is a great way to foster mindfulness. Look to symmetrical designs if you need a guide. Instead, focus on mindfulness in practice to develop your intuition and internal compass, focusing on how the pose feels - every body is different.

For example, our Juti energy healing yoga mat is designed to double as an alignment reference with its central location and extension across the yoga mat. it is also a harmonizing and energy balancing sacred geometric design to facilitate peace in your practice. Juti yoga mats can also connect to each other to share your auric field with friends during practice.

One of the benefits of yoga practice is the development of self awareness, self trust and confidence in your inner voice. If you’re relying on yoga mats with alignment lines, you’re missing out on some of the most amazing benefits offered by your yoga practice.

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