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The Best Cork Yoga Mats on the Market, Hands Down!

The Best Cork Yoga Mats

We think our cork yoga mats are the best, of course we are biased, but hear us out! You just might agree.

The benefits of cork yoga mats are becoming more widely known. In general, cork yoga mats are:

  1. Antimicrobial
  2. A sustainable material
  3. Natural
  4. Non-toxic
  5. Vegan
  6. Anti-slip
  7. Durable
  8. Comfortable
  9. Stable
  10. Biodegradable + Recyclable
  11. Grounding: Cork is also by nature, a grounding material

However, when comparing quality and brands, there are some things you may not know. Here are some benefits of our cork yoga mats:

  1. 100% Natural Rubber Base: Cork Yoga Mats must have a base, they cannot be 100% cork all the way through or they will crack and tear. Some cork mats are backed with toxic foams like EVA or neoprene. This makes them hard to unroll, toxic, and they can be slippery. You will generally find this on cheaper priced cork mats.
  2. Sustainable Materials: Cork + Natural Rubber are both sustainable materials.
  3. Unrolls flat: due to the flexibility of our cork yoga mats backed with natural rubber, our yoga mats unroll flat.
  4. Cushion: our dense natural rubber base creates superior cushion for joints.
  5. Soft + Supple: our cork yoga mats feel like velvet, and act like a hot yoga towel.
  6. Anti-Tear, Anti-Crack, Anti-chip: Our cork mats are specifically designed for durability against cracking and tearing.
  7. Superior Grip: some cork yoga mats on the market are just plain slippery! We believe this is due to how they are produced. We find ours to have amazing grip! Due to the nature of our product, the cork top acts much like a towel, as you heat up and your practice heats up, the mat becomes dampened, and the grip activates! No more sliding in warrior 2 pose!
  8. No Towel Needed
  9. Thickness: Most yoga mats are only 2-3mm thick. Most cork mats are thin by nature to keep the price down. Our cork yoga mats are a full 5mm thickness for a quality, professional experience.
  10. 5 star reviews: iláSTRATE™ cork yoga mat reviews speak for themselves!
  11. Designs: Our cork yoga mats are designed to awaken soul connection. By sparking the imagination we motivate inspiration and movement, creating true soul connection. Of course, we believe our yoga mat designs are the best!  Read more about how Art can enhance your yoga practice.

Why choose an iláSTRATE™ cork yoga mat?

Our cork yoga mats are a great option for those looking of a high quality, natural and eco-conscious yoga mat with superior grip and inspirational designs.

Why choose a cork yoga mat at all?


This means that no trees were killed in the production of this product. Cork and natural rubber can be harvested without disparaging the environment. The cork is stripped from the outer layer of the tree to create cork products. Likewise, natural rubber comes directly from the sap of the rubber tree.

Mainly oak cork trees grow in Portugal. As an eco-conscious company, we donate 1 dollar for every yoga mat sold to 1 tree planted concentrating on their efforts in Portugal.


Cork and Natural rubber by nature, are biodegradable, meaning unlike PVC yoga mats, our mats can be discarded without causing harm to the environment.

Natural and Non-toxic: 

For all the benefits listed above, a natural product is also a non-toxic product. Minimally process and non-toxic.

PVC and other plastic foams (like eva) are extremely toxic to humans and the environment. In fact, iláSTRATE™ is on a mission to warn and advocate against the further use, manufacture and sale of these toxic yoga mat products,


Both cork and natural rubber a easy to keep clean and do not readily harbor microbes.


With proper care and moderate use, your cork yoga mat can last 3-5 years.

 Find your perfect flow companion! Shop all of our cork yoga mats.

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