. . . Jūti is Go . . . - ilāSTRATE™

. . . Jūti is Go . . .

+ Thank You +

It feels like just yesterday we were planning, then it came upon us like a whirlwind!

The energy surrounding this moment has been amazingly high.
We know Juti is at work.

Juti creates the vibrational energy of love that we want to live in, and we surely felt it last Thursday.

We hope you feel it too when you practice on this gorgeous mat!

Thank you to everyone who came out to support us + the launch of our new product line 

We have sent Juti out into the world + will keep everyone updated on orders.


+ Yoga to Live Music with Twigg Breaks Before Stepping was PERFECT! Thanking these guys so much for their participation!

+ Collaborative Instruction by Ina Visich of Solntse and Christianne Gentry of Divine Maddness Collective

+ The atmosphere was supportive and the drinks were AWESOME! Thank you to The Better Man Distilling Co. for hosting us!

+ Live guitar following our practice by Annie Mac was soothing and put us in the mood to keep the love going!

+ Our art exhibit + photography project presented by @WildGingerImages was SO AMAZING! Thank you to Elizabeth for her work + support, and all of our models for participating in this project and their beautiful spirits for uplifiting our brand. Visit our IG page to view the collection of photos created on this journey.

+ Our booth was on FIRE! Thank you to Melissa Boyd of Satya Yoga and Pilates for her continued support + Ambassadorship! And to my Husband for his always support and much needed hand!

+ BIG thank you to everyone who showed up, powered up, yoga'd up and supported us by making a purchase!


Our Launch Party was such a success, that we are excited to announce, we will be hosting more yoga events this Fall!

Stay tuned for details!

If you were not able to attend, don't fret! More to Come!

If you did not have a chance to purchase a mat at our event, or are interested in learning more about this new high-vibe product,
click the button:

Jūti Collection

Yoga Mats with a Unique Energy Based Design
Cork Yoga Blocks
Healing Jewelry

Amplify + Harness + Direct

the Energy all around you

Anti-slip Gravity Grip Technology
Natural Rubber Base
Stable Support for Balance
Firm Cushion for Joint Support

ilaStrate Mission Statement:

"Inspire movement to self-realization through creative expression."

& Philosophy:
"Save the World One Yoga Mat at a Time!"

A portion of all proceeds donated to:

See their work HERE

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