How a Yoga Mat can enhance your spiritual practice on and off the mat! - ilāSTRATE™

How a Yoga Mat can enhance your spiritual practice on and off the mat!

How can a Yoga Mat enhance your spiritual practice on and off the mat?

Simple! Artistic Creation that Sparks Imagination! read on to learn more!

Imagination = accessing true source intelligence. Imagination = you as the artist.

We can lose the core meaning of words through time. Language is an important tool of effective communication. When we do not completely understand the words we are using, we become vulnerable to deception.
In this modern world, the word ‘imagination’ is something that we over generalize and attribute to childishness, whimsy and fantasy. Sometimes we even disregard these imaginative ideas as outlandish.
But what if there is something more to your imagination?
The root word, "imag", means 'likeness idea'
‘image’ translates: "likeness or representation of something"
‘imagine’ : "to form a mental picture of something"
The word imagination translates: the ability to form mental images.
This definition falls short of our current usage.
“Use your imagination” literally means – “go form a mental visual picture” – or visualize!
'A picture speaks a thousand words' takes on new meaning: an image actually does hold more information than an entire paragraph might portray in words.
Therefore, thinking in visual terms can create faster thoughts and whole ideas.
When we visualize, or imagine, we are experiencing many ideas at once; ideas that perhaps cannot be expressed through words.
This is why at iláSTRATE™ we believe that developing imagination is key to reaching true connection with the higher self, accessing true intelligence. The universe speaks to us in many ways, we must have the tools to understand. Imagery is a UNIVERSal language and therefore a universal communicator. Art holds the tools to effective visual communication.
Consider the ability to form mental pictures, or to visualize, as Art! YOU are the artist! YOU are creating a visual image in your mind! Isn’t that AMAZING!?
Imagination may just be communication from the higher self, allowing us to access true source intelligence.
This month, free you mind-body and soul w/ the Free Spirit Collection + use your IMAGINATION!
Tap into your imagination, tap into visualization + close the gap to higher consciousness.
Here are some tips to develop your imagination:
  1. Practice Visualization: Close your eyes and think of your favorite place on earth and try to see it vividly in your mind down to the minute details.
  2. Visit a Gallery or Art show: view 1 piece of art and try to interpret the idea the artist has encapsulated into that work (our friend @christianne_g is hosting a yoga/art experience on July 13 visit @divinemadnesscollective for more information)
  3. Meditation: Deep slow breathing in and out of the nose while visualizing yourself as a flower growing roots into the ground and a beautiful bud towards the sun.
  4. Read Nature Poetry + visualize the elements of the poem
Whatever you do for self improvement, consider adding “develop imagination” to the top of your list. Developing your imagination will improve all areas of your life.
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