High-Quality Performance Yoga Mats with a TWIST! - ilāSTRATE™

High-Quality Performance Yoga Mats with a TWIST!

At iláSTRATE™ Yoga Mat Design Co. we create a high-quality performance yoga mat that ALSO supports your spiritual awakening. 

How? By using art as a catalyst for change:

At iláStrate™, we believe that imagination is the KEY to unlocking true connection to the higher self, accessing source intelligence and awakening the soul. Surrounding ourselves with inspiration and creativity keeps the imagination alive and inspires action, allowing us to flow in sync with our true soul purpose.

Our yoga mats are a reflection of yoga as lifestyle, supporting your inner practice on and off the mat.

12 reasons why our yoga mats are great choice for any yoga practice, including for yoga professionals:

  1. Non-toxic
  2. High-quality, durable materials
  3. Inspires yoga practice on and off the mat
  4. Full 5mm thickness
  5. Superior grip
  6. Eco-conscious product + company
  7. Sustainable materials
  8. Vegan
  9. Joint support
  10. Stable for balance poses
  11. Supports spiritual awakening
  12. Grounding materials

What are you waiting for? iláSTRATE your Flow!

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