Event Highlights: Yoga + Drum Circle - ilāSTRATE™

Event Highlights: Yoga + Drum Circle

Event Highlights: Yoga + Drum Circle

I am so in awe of the magnificence that was last night . . . I cannot describe.

So grateful to everyone who made this night possible.

Thank you to our Sponsor Roots Kava Bar in Port Jefferson - they are a completely dry bar stocked with games, an art wall for drawing contributions, offering community night-out events, kava, kratom, mocktails and so much more! If you go, LMK! mention ilaStrate for a surprise offering!

Thank you to our lovely brand ambassador, colleague and mentor, owner of Satya Yoga and Pilates Melissa Boyd-Sloan for her dance magic yoga sequence! It was such a beautiful experience.

Big thanks to Christianne Gentry of A Better Place for being the calm LOL! Appreciate you bringing us in with a warm up sequence, and for being part of our community. Check out A Better Place for many unique offerings, gallery exhibitions and so much more.

Spirit Sky Drum was AWESOME! Thank you George for bringing us your spirit and high vibes! Bringing the beats into our yoga practice for our dance sequence, it was pure MAGIC! We had a blast, really enjoyed the drumming so much!

Can not WAIT to Share the Magic caught in the Lens by Elizabeth Walsh, Wild Ginger Images! Thank you to our wonderful friend for being there always when we need it most and bringing together our small but beautiful ilaStrate community. Elizabeth's family is also owner of Body Source in Miller Place - meeting all the community's vitamin + nutrition needs. Support small business, check them out!

And last but most of all Thank You to everyone who joined us last night, I hope that you took home the high energy vibes and stepped into this weekend feeling amazing!

So many beautiful connections created. Thank you for joining our community, it was such a pleasure to meet you all and an honor to host this event. Please keep in touch with us IlāStrate on FB and IG.

If you have any photos to share please feel free to post them here!

We will be releasing all we have over the next few days . . . stay tuned!

We had such great feedback from this event, we hope to make it a regular offering for our community.


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