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5 Tips for Inspiring Movement in any area of your life

We get stuck sometimes.

It happens to us all.

Getting back into a flow when we’ve been stagnant can be challenging.

I know from my own experience, I need a lot of motivation, inspiration and most importantly, baby steps.

YOU want to move, your body does not. YOU want to get up n go but it’s so much easier to stay put. Before long, we may find ourselves stuck in a cycle that we have created and can not find a way out.

I have been there!

We need a little inspiration! Inspire literally means “to breathe; to breathe life into”

As I get older, it seems to have gotten easier to get stuck - in all areas of life, including creatively. I need inspiration, I need motivation. I need a SPARK! I need to awaken my soul!

I find that it’s so much easier to start small and slow, and we find that inspiration. The body wants to move - it just has gotten so used to being stagnant that it has forgotten how GOOD movement feels.

So here are 5 things you can do today to inspire your body to WANT to move again or your mind to want to create again - to start reaching your goals - whatever that may be.

  1. USE YOUR IMAGINATION! Imagine yourself doing the activity. Visualization is such a strong motivator. Our imaginations support our intentions, and can affect our outcomes whether we realize it our not. I believe, imagination awakens the soul to explore possibilities. Visualize and feel yourself engaging in the activity as you lead up to the physical engagement. This helps us to feel good about doing it, we set our mind to it and we are less likely to talk ourselves out of it when the time comes. Especially if we imagine a positive experience.

  2. Awaken the body. Engage in the desired activity for small bursts of time to reawaken the body. We want to find that mind muscle memory and reawaken it. We just want to get started, so start slow - 5-15mins. to get ourselves motivated. You can start small with just a few minutes in between house work, cooking, cleaning OR at your desk, on a lunch break etc. just find a few minutes to engage. You want to just create a spark of inspiration to motivate you back into action. For instance,

    • If it’s walking, go for a 15 min walk, or just walk up your block and back.

    • If it’s yoga, do 1-3 yoga poses or stretches that target any area that feels tight or needs a stretch. You can do this in the kitchen in between tasks.

    • If it’s being more creative - doodle or sketch. Again, you can do this at the kitchen counter in between tasks.

    • Repeat day to day. Add on more as you feel you are able.

  3. Don’t over do it. Sometimes we get SO motivated that we try to do it all, and then we get discouraged when we don’t live up to our previous engagement or we get tired. Sometimes it is not enjoyable and becomes an arduous task that has turned us off to trying again. Take it slow, do what feels good and pick it up again the next day.

  4. Breathe. Being present is important, conscious breathing is immensely powerful. Whatever it is that you are looking to achieve, incorporate some type of breathing break into your day. Sit silently eyes open or closed (preferably closed) for even just 1-3 minutes and consciously breath in and out - pay attention to each inhale and exhale for as long as you can - even if it’s only 1 minute. this will calm your nerves by settling the mind and body to help you focus throughout the day and achieve your goals by being more present.

  5. FIND THAT SPARK! Surround yourself with things that inspire you to want to engage in the activity. Motivation is key to anything that you want to do. We must keep ourselves motivated - specifically to enjoy the process and the journey. Objects of inspiration will get us started! But we have to keep this wheel turning: as we become inspired, we spark our imagination which motivates us into action, which in turn inspires us to DO IT AGAIN!. Examples:

    • If your goal is walk more in nature, maybe keep a photo of your favorite outdoor hiking spot, or a flower arrangement, plant etc. in your area as a reminder.

    • If your goal is to do more yoga, maybe you get yourself an inspiring yoga mat ;)

    • If your goal is to be more creative, maybe keep a blank sketchbook with you so you can record your ideas, or a reprint of your favorite painting or a saying by your favorite artist. 

Sometimes we get discouraged when we can’t reach the goal (end result) not realizing that the goal post changes as we grow and we may never meet that goal. Instead, we should aspire to just be present and enjoy the process. A workout should be enjoyable to your body at some point, at some level, it should feel good.

Remember, it’s the journey not the destination that matters. Keep that wheel of inspiration turning, keep breathing, keep moving, keep flowing!

I hope that this advice is helpful. If you are in need of motivation and inspiration, reach out or leave a comment below, I’d be happy to offer more tools and advice.


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